Strollers and Wheelchairs at Disney


Strollers and Wheelchairs: A Travel Tip from Aimee’s  Most Recent Trip


Disney is a great place for families to vacation because it offers something for everyone. Walt Disney World in Florida does an excellent job in varying their attractions to appeal to children (and adults) of all ages. But what Disney can’t do is shrink the size of their parks to fit everyone’s physical abilities.

On our most recent trip to Disney, we traveled with my six year old daughter, who has a mobility disability, and my…

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Top 5 Practical Packing Tips for a European Vacation – Travel Consultant Austin TX

Top 5 Practical Packing Tips for a European Vacation


 1 – Choose a reasonably sized bag (preferable carry-on size)

When I travel I use a 22” carry on sized bag. This bag is light enough to allow me to maximize my allowable weight (specified by the airline). Keep in mind you will be loading your bag into overhead bins, carrying them up staircases, wheeling them through streets and much more. Use a reasonable sized bag!



2 – Pack Light 

Often times in…

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