Top 5 Practical Packing Tips for a European Vacation – Travel Consultant Austin TX

Top 5 Practical Packing Tips for a European Vacation


 1 – Choose a reasonably sized bag (preferable carry-on size)

When I travel I use a 22” carry on sized bag. This bag is light enough to allow me to maximize my allowable weight (specified by the airline). Keep in mind you will be loading your bag into overhead bins, carrying them up staircases, wheeling them through streets and much more. Use a reasonable sized bag!



2 – Pack Light 

Often times in Europe you will be required to carry your luggage all over the place. Think cobblestone streets, train stations and cities that have no streets for cabs at all. So, the best piece of advice I can offer is to PACK LIGHT! No one has ever said, “I really wish I would have brought more luggage!” or “I wish this bag was heavier!” Choose items of clothing that you can mix-and-match into various different outfits that suit your vacation. Believe me when I tell you that 2 pairs of shoes in plenty (leave the heels at home).



 3 – Roll your Clothes

By rolling your clothes, especially your shirts, you make it easy to see what you have and it eliminates wasted space in your bag.



 4 – Use packing cube

Packing cubes allow you to separate your items into different categories thus eliminating the need to rummage through your organized suitcase every time you need something. It also decreases the chance of you leaving something behind in your hotel room by giving each item its own place.



5 – Keep in simple on the plane

Let’s be honest. Jet-lag sucks! Leave the novels and movies at home and focus on getting some sleep on your flight across the pond. The amount of quality sleep you get on your flight could very well determine how much you enjoy the first couple days of your vacation.